Sunrise School Programs

Check out some of our programs below.

Run Club

Once a week students and staff head out for a run, weather permitting. Everyone runs at their own pace on the route, which can range from 1.7 to 2.5 kilometers, with a teacher in the lead and a teacher at the rear. Students who attend Run Club can earn the privilege of representing Sunrise at the Grasslands Cross Country Meet.

LBGTQ+ Group

Held each Monday rotating from junior high to high school. This is a safe place to learn about the LBGTQ+ community. We watch videos that discuss the different sexual orientations, discuss stereotypes, chat about inclusion and what that looks like and come together to support those in the LBGTQ+ community.

YOGA Wednesdays

Each Wednesday we meet in a classroom during the lunch break and participate in aBoho Beautiful YouTube Yoga video. We chose beginner versions that usually last up to 20 minutes. Yoga has been proven to: Improve fitness and physical health, reduce stress and anxiety, improve optimism, improve focus and school performance, improve self-esteem and body image, encourage creativity, develop discipline and self-regulation.

Fitness Friday's!!

Dance party anyone?! Every Friday we dance along with The Fitness Marshall on YouTube. The kids pick which song to dance and sing along to. We all leave with a smile on our face ready to tackle the last afternoon of the week.