Grasslands Public Schools and Medicine Hat College Partnership 

We are excited to announce a collaborative partnership between Grasslands and Medicine Hat  College, beginning in the fall of 2021. Discussions with the College began in November and last  night the Board approved the motion. 

Starting in September, Sunrise School will expand its programming by offering high school  courses for outreach/distance education high school students and adult learners preparing for  college. This new initiative will be located on the Brooks campus of MHC and will be called  Sunrise Collegiate. 

The college launched a similar initiative in Medicine Hat last year with Medicine Hat Public  School Division and Prairie Rose School Division and have seen positive results from enhanced  collaboration with the students, teachers, and school systems.  

While there are details to be finalized, our Sunrise Collegiate campus will be a great addition  and complement to Sunrise School where we will continue to operate our alternative grades 7- 12 onsite classrooms. By locating our distance education and supported learning outreach  programs at Sunrise Collegiate, we not only create much needed space for our growing onsite  program at Sunrise School, but also create exciting opportunities to grow flexible learning  programs for students and adult learners. 

Over the next little while, Chris Zottl and Central Office staff will be working closely with Medicine Hat College to operationalize this partnership. 

We want to thank the Board of Trustees for supporting this innovative approach as part of the  Board’s strategic plan Key Area of Action #1 – Student Learning and Key Area of Action #3 – School and Community Partnerships. I also want to thank MHC president Kevin Schufflebotham  for reaching out with this opportunity and Sean Beaton, Chris Zottl and Rhian Schroeder for all  their work helping to establish this partnership. 


Scott Brandt