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Board Bits for February

Board Bits for February

In Alberta, school trustees are elected in the municipal elections… and the provincial government delegates to school boards the responsibility for conducting the governance duties of the jurisdiction.


A key responsibility of trustees is to stay in touch with community stakeholders so that they understand what all citizens value and want from their schools. It’s important to note that trustees do not represent any one school or community. Rather, they make decisions based on the needs of the entire jurisdiction. Other roles and responsibilities include:

  • Planning for the jurisdiction, setting priorities for the system in light of community wishes, available resources and sound educational practice
  • Setting goals for the jurisdiction, ensuring that education stays in step with today’s world
  • Hiring/Evaluating the jurisdiction’s superintendent
  • Adopting an annual budget for the school system
  • Developing policy to guide the administration and employees toward jurisdiction goals
  • Communicating with the community on behalf of the jurisdiction
  • Educating others to ensure education is a top public priority and to make the community aware of the jurisdiction’s achievements
  • Gathering information to make sound decisions
  • Hearing appeals
  • Lobbying all levels of government on behalf of education



This information has been adapted from, “Be part of important decisions… become a school trustee”, published by the Alberta School Boards Association.